How It Works

Risk Warning

Investing in start-ups and early stage businesses involves HIGH risks. These risks include possible loss of all capital invested, the inability to sell the shares, lack of dividends and potential dilution. Investments should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Fireflock is targeted at qualified investors who accept and understand these risks and are able to make their own investment decisions. Tax benefits depend on personal circumstances and are subject to change in the future. Please read our full Risk Warning here.


To view investment opportunities on the Fireflock platform, you must first register or sign in. By selecting “Find an investment”, you can start your journey towards exploring, researching and even investing in growing businesses. You can view videos, business plans, financial forecasts and even arrange payment of your investment.

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If you wish to raise funds via the Fireflock platform, you must first register or sign in. By selecting “Raise Funds” and by following our simple guidelines, you can enter all the information about your company that investors will want to know. On approval, your details will then be published for investors to view.

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Reasons to invest via the Fireflock Platform

Choice of investments

Fireflock offers investors a wide choice of investment opportunities across a range of sectors. We also offer investments in companies at varying stages, from seed, to early stage, to fully established. A wide choice means you can diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk.


Fireflock undertakes appropriate due diligence into companies looking to raise funds on the website in order that the company's pitch can be considered eligible for approval as a financial promotion and to ascertain that the pitch is fair, clear and not misleading.

Easy Payment

When you pledge your investment, you have three payment options. Funds can debited directly from your account through your GoCardless account or you can pay using your debit card. If you pledge more than £5,000 you can opt to settle off-line. No hassle. No fuss. Simple.

No Fees To Pay

When you invest in a company via the Fireflock platform, there are no extra fees to pay. The amount you chose to invest is the amount you pay. There are no other hidden costs or charges. We like to keep things fair and transparent for our investors.

As an investor,

The Fireflock platform allows me to research a wide variety of potential investment opportunities in one place. I like that! Judith Fairclough, Investor

As an entrepreneur, raising capital can be time consuming.

Fireflock makes the process quicker and easier, giving me time to concentrate on my business. Craig Johnson, Entrepreneur

Reasons to raise funds via the Fireflock Platform

Fireflock’s network of investors.

Your business and your ambitions will gain wide exposure to a group of investors looking for opportunities to invest in enterprises just like yours. The wider your exposure, the more likely that your business will be fully funded.

Pay no fees until you are fully funded.

There are no upfront fees to be paid if you want your business to pitch on Fireflock’s platform. Fees to Fireflock are only payable once you reach your full funding requirement. That means Fireflock is fully incentivised to help you get your business  funded.

Get exposure both online and offline.

Not only will your pitch be viewed online by Fireflock’s network of investors, but you will also have the opportunity to pitch at our live events. This will give you the advantage of getting to know your potential investors by meeting them face to face.

Benefit from Fireflock’s full support.

Fireflock will support you throughout your entire fund raising process. We will help you get your pitch investor-ready and work with you to ensure that your chances of raising the funds that you require are fully maximised.