A Platform To Benefit Entrepreneurs & Investors Alike.

A Platform To Benefit Entrepreneurs & Investors Alike.

We offer investments in companies at varying stages, from seed, to early stage, to fully established. A wide choice means you can diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk.

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A Platform To Benefit Entrepreneurs & Investors Alike.

Fireflock Connects The Investment Crowd Today With The Growth Companies Of Tomorrow.

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A Platform To Benefit Entrepreneurs & Investors Alike.

Having A Great Idea Is Just The Beginning.
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Risk Warning

Investing in start-ups and early stage businesses involves HIGH risks. These risks include possible loss of all capital invested, the inability to sell the shares, lack of dividends and potential dilution. Investments should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Fireflock is targeted at qualified investors who accept and understand these risks and are able to make their own investment decisions. Tax benefits depend on personal circumstances and are subject to change in the future. Please read our full Risk Warning here.

Turn Big Ideas Into Invested Successes

View pitches from businesses seeking equity funding. Choose to invest in any number of companies, operating in a variety of sectors.

Featured Pitches:

Pitches Online:

  • A dating app which gives you an instant connection, with no need to wait to be matched. You've got to shake it to make it!

    • £75,000 Target
    • Equity 8%

    • 18% Raised
    • Days to Go 0
  • Web, tablet and mobile marketplace for SME promotion to new and existing, loyal, local customers.

    • £150,000 Target
    • Equity 10%

    • 12% Raised
    • Days to Go 0
  • Revolutionary RFID loyalty card system. The right reward, to the right person, at the right time.

    • £1,500,000 Target
    • Equity 23.7%

    • 26% Raised
    • Days to Go 0
  • A ground breaking app and website centred around an individual's health, fitness and diet routine.

    • £150,000 Target
    • Equity 15%

    • 8% Raised
    • Days to Go 0
  • Bringing you legendary refreshment with our range of crisp apple based soft drinks.

    • £50,000 Target
    • Equity 10%

    • 21% Raised
    • Days to Go 0
  • Snugs revolutionise the sound experience of in-ear headphones.

    • £400,000 Target
    • Equity 27.78%

    • 7% Raised
    • Days to Go 0

Looking to Raise Funds?

If you are looking for capital to grow your enterprise then start connecting with a network of active investors.

Whether you are looking for seed funding for a start-up, or you need more capital for an existing and growing business, Fireflock is here to assist you. By sharing your ambitions with our network of investors, you can greatly enhance your ability to raise the funds that you need. We welcome any business, operating in any sector, seeking to raise between £50,000 and £1m +.

  • Raise funds from £50,000 to £1m+.
  • Available to all Sectors.
  • Simple process to get your pitch online.
  • Helpful resources to guide you through the process.